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Poki-Hubby Series: Urshifu 1/8th Figure - SHIBADON Studio

Poki-Hubby Series: Urshifu 1/8th Figure - SHIBADON Studio

Pokemon's turning into a hot daddy collecting simulator. URSHIFU rapid outplays landoT, the greatest pokemon in VGC alongside INCINEROAR! Gotta make a martial arts Poki Hubby look powerful and attractive to want to ‘learn’ under him. He is the best choice for those thirsty trainers who only collect a "certain" type of pokemon.

This 1/8th scale collectible figure measures 10 inches tall with a base that is 6.6x6.6 inches square. Digitally sculpted& painted by Shibadon Studio.

  • Features

    · 10 inches height(25cm height) incl. base

    · Made of Polyurethane Casting Resin

    · Based on Pokémon character

    · Beautifully painted in grey& black polarized paint that gives a natural shiny

  • Box Contents

    · Urshifu figure

    · ‘Game face’ head sculpts w/ a black and white headband& two loose strips which are flying upwards

    · Erect penis             x1

    · Alternate flaccid penis   x1

    · Removable black and white leotard  x1

    · 1/4 Square Ring Arena Base

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