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Chibi Leomon Not to scale Figure - SHIBADON Studio

Chibi Leomon Not to scale Figure - SHIBADON Studio


July 2022



  • Leomon is a fictional muscular lion-man with orange fur monster in Digimon series. It wears a golden earring on its left ear, a collar with a blue gem in the middle and multiple red teeth around it, black pants with yellow cords forming multiple "X" on its side, a black belt with a square metallic buckle on its waist, three others on its left arm, another in its left hand, and another in the pantleg. It carries its sword in the back on its belt.


  • The gentle and warm atmosphere is captured beautifully in the chibi figure. Be sure to display them together with other figures in the Digimon series to truly bring out the Digital World in your collection!


  • This not-to-scale collectible figure measures 5.9 inches tall with a wood ferry as base. Digitally sculpted& painted by Shibadon Studio.

  • Features

    · 5.9 inches height (15 cm) not to scale

    · Made of resin

    · Based on Digimon character

    · Highly articulated

  • Box Contents

    · Chibi Lemon figure

    · Wood ferry base ( made of resin) included

  • Notices:

    Please read PRE-ORDER  and DELIVERY  before placing an order. 

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